Outsourcing Project Management is a cost-effective solution for organizations which do not have the right Project Management skills to manage complex projects. WAFA Management will work closely with the customer during the project life within the following scope:

Contract Management

    • RFP Preparations
    • Proposal Evaluation
    • Contract Negation
    • Project Planning, Execution, Control and Close Out
    • Risk Management
    • Timely Reporting
    • Timely Project Meetings, like:
      • Kick off meetings
      • Steering Committee Meetings
      • Status report Meeting
      • Progress Meeting

Project Performance Management

Project Performance Management is one of the services that would be provided by the Project Manager’s office. However, Techno Management is ready to do this service on behalf of the customer. This service will cover the following scope:

    • Identify the required performance baseline.
    • Collect the actual project progress.
    • Produce reporting dashboards to reflect the project performance in terms of:
      • Project cost variance
      • Project schedule variance
      • Project managers’ performance
      • Team members’ performance
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Project Audit

Project auditing is a very useful service to projects-based organizations. Through which, organization will be able to measure how effective their Project Management methodology is, and how far the project team members are complying with the methodology. During this service,
will do the following:

    • Ensure the compliance to the Project Management methodology – Identify any problem with the applied methodology.
    • Identify any non managed risks.
    • Coach the project managers in complex projects.
    • Help in changing the PM culture within the organization.
    • Document the auditing results which can be used as “Lessons Learned”
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